Networking with Metro Ministry and Community Leaders throughout the San Joaquin Valley for Healthy Neighborhoods

Healthy Neighborhoods in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley Provide*:


  • Basic Needs for All:
    • Affordable, accessible and nutritious foods and safe drinking water
    • Affordable, accessible, high quality health care
    • Affordable, safe, integrated, and location efficient housing
    • Safe, sustainable, accessible and affordable transportation options
    • Safe, clean environment
    • Access to quality schools
    • Access to affordable, safe opportunities and spaces for physical exercise and fun activities
    • Safe communities, free of crime and violence
  • Safe, Sustainable Environment
    • Clean air, soil, and water
    • Green and open spaces
    • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants
    • Reduced waste
    • Affordable and renewable energy resources
    • Habitat conservation and renewal
    • Nourishes the interrelationship between people, nature and the built environment
  • Economic and Social Vitality
    • Living wage, safe and equitable job opportunities to support individuals and families
    • Strong, resilient economy supportive of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit
    • Support and investment in the healthy development of children and adolescents
    • Access to high quality, affordable education from preschool through college and including vocational opportunities
    • Community empowerment through robust social and civic engagement that takes into account diversity and cultural competency
    • Meaningful public participation opportunities that all segments of the community can access
    • Access to opportunities to thrive regardless of income, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, identity, creed or disability
    • Equitable access to opportunities for physical, mental and spiritual well-being and development
    • Promote an understanding of the social determinants of health and health equity as strategies to reduce health disparities affecting the most vulnerable populations
    • Opportunities for exercising creativity, artistic expression and fostering imagination.
  • Efficient Development Patterns
    • Sufficient affordable housing development in appropriate locations
    • Mix of land uses and built environment that support walking and biking
    • Multimodal, affordable transportation choices
    • Infill and compact development appropriate to setting (urban, suburban and rural)
    • Safe public spaces for social interaction
    • Conservation and restoration of open space and preserve agricultural lands

*Based upon the Definition of a ‘Healthy California Community’
by the California Planners Roundtable November 2013

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